About Us


A Musonza Investment (Pvt) Ltd is a wholly-owned Zimbabwean enterprise with both a Pan –African and Global focus established in 2017.

We are based in the Resort Town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Our investment projects range from Hospitality & Tourism’ human capital development services, sustainable energy solutions; procurement and logistics management; lodges and camps relief management services and also events management.

Our key focus is to Create Generational Wealth sustainably in all our projects that we embark on; given our combined over 40 years of experience in various international organization within the region- Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia.

"A Musonza Investments (Pvt) Ltd also runs a non-profit organization; AM Philanthropy (AMP) which focuses on sustainable practices in business, conservation works, working with empowering local communities with special focus on young people venturing into business, skills development and economic advancement."

Ecological & Sustainability Statement

A Musonza Investment (Pvt) Ltd practices operational methods which ensure the well-being of the environment, its employees and all its stakeholders in a fully integrated and sustainable manner that allows current and future generations to benefit from its business practices.


Creating Generational Wealth


Create Generational Wealth in a sustainable and inclusive manner


Innovation - we do what we do better and in an original and creative manner with all the resources at our disposal

Sustainability - we care about our environment today and into the future in all we do in our business

Ubuntu- we are as a business because we do not exist in isolation but with others in mutual respect of each other

Technologically driven - we embrace ethical technological advancement in the process of Creating Generational Wealth.

Customer-centric - we focus on offering solutions to our customers’ needs profitably and with long term relationships as the basis of our stakeholder involvement